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Lecce: Notaries Give a Helping Hand to the Victims of Usury



On 14 January 2012 an agreement was signed between the Notarial Council of Lecce, the San Nicola e Santi Medici Foundation of Bari and the National Anti-Usury Consultative Body of Bari, establishing a collaborative effort to provide concrete assistance to citizens and businesses that are the victims of usury.
The Foundation and the Consultative Body carry out preventive activities in terms of education and information, promoting a culture of legality and listening to individuals and businessmen in difficulty.
“With the signing of this agreement,” explains District President Antonio Novembre, “the notariat has demonstrated once again that it is an institution for the protection of the economic and social system in essential moments of the life of persons and businesses, having wide-ranging legal vision, being attentive to the interests of citizens and society, and coming in aid of the most economically vulnerable parties”.
In practice, these notaries of the Salento undertake to provide free advice on problems of a notarial nature that involve parties who are victims of usury identified by the signatory bodies and to apply reduced fees for drawing up financing and mortgage documents for such persons.