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04/14/2014 - Latest Patronage Granted by the National Council
Ever Closer Relations with the Voluntary Sector
04/14/2014 - The Italian Notariat Joins the EUFides Project
The Platform for the International Cooperation of Notaries in the Real Estate Sector Continues to Grow
01/28/2014 - Mr André Michielsens, new president of the 40 000 notaries of Europe
The objective of the CNUE is to propose a 2020 plan to citizens and the European institutions seeking a better future in cooperation
04/14/2014 - Agreement in Venice Between Notaries and the City on Living Wills
Registry set up for collecting Advance Declarations of Treatment
04/14/2014 - Naples: Opening of the "Information and pre-investigation desk for settlement procedures regarding over-indebtedness"
The Chamber of Commerce, lawyers, tax accountants and notaries are available to all those who find themselves in a situation of over-indebtedness but who, given their economic and financial dimensions or parameters, must not fail
04/14/2014 - Florence: the first joint Chamber of Arbitration is set up by way of a collaboration among notaries, lawyers, tax accountants and the Chamber of Commerce
Professional Associations to take care of professional training and the specific expertise of the Arbitrators.