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CASA ITALIA”: the Notariat participates in the Government's technical panel on housing safety

On 24 October 2016 at the Prime Minister's Office a first meeting was held of the technical committee of "CASA ITALIA"; this project was initiated by the Government after the earthquake of 24 August last with the aim of establishing risk prevention policies regarding natural events of a calamitous nature, as well as promoting housing safety and care of the land and urban areas within the country.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Giovanni Azzone who was named project manager by the Prime Minister; its purpose was to codify existing information about:

·        dangerousness (seismic, hydrogeological, volcanic, ...);

·        vulnerability of buildings; risk exposure of people and things;

·        and to identify what information is missing today for the implementation of an appropriate prevention policy.

The National Council of Notaries (CNN) was represented by national councillors Roberto Martino and Enrico Sironi who outlined the possible contribution of Notaries, in synergy with the technical professions, in populating and activating public databases downstream of the deed of transfer, the emphasis being on enriching the existing data without creating new databases.