How to set up a company? What type best suits your needs and goals? It is advisable to contact a notary early in the piece to plan for the smooth setting up and operation of a company. Read this section to learn more.

Real Estate

Buying a home is certainly one of the most important economic operations in a person's life and the notary by law protects both buyer and seller. Visit this section to find out what steps need to be taken before signing the contract so as to purchase the property in total safety.


Family and kinship; gifts and inheritance; how to protect oneself in the event of cohabitation or change the property regime of one's marriage. Learn everything you need to know here and find how a notary can help you.

02/08/2017 - CLASS CNBC - "Paperoni, si paga solo il bollo"

Lo studio del CNN n. 100-2017/T - Profili di interesse notarile del regime tributario di favore per i c.d. “neo residenti - ha posto sotto la lente un'importante novità introdotta dalla legge di bilancio sugli stranieri che portano in Italia la loro residenza a fronte del pagamento di una imposta forfettaria di 100 mila euro.