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Milan, Padua and Rome: Notaries work with Médicins Sans Frontières to give advice on testamentary legacies

Local meetings to respond to citizens' frequently asked questions on testamentary legacies, in simple, friendly language but with the aid of a highly qualified professional: the notary

The National Council of Notaries, after granting its sponsorship of the Testamentary Legacies Campaign of Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF), worked together with this Association to organise a number of local meetings with citizens with a view to responding, in simple, friendly language but with the aid of a highly qualified professional (the notary) to the ever more frequent requests for information about testamentary legacies.

The sponsorship granted by the National Council means that at each session several notaries were present to explain what is stipulated in the Italian succession laws and to respond to any questions from the public.

The public meetings for the Testamentary Legacies Campaign were held in Milan, Padua and Rome.

For further information on the Legacies Campaign, see the website: