The requirements for the notarial apprenticeship phase are:

  • citizenship of Italy or of one of the 28 European Union countries;
  • a law degree from an Italian university, or a recognised equivalent foreign degree. 

Length of apprenticeship 

Since 2006 notarial apprenticeship has had a duration of 18 months, six months of which can be done in parallel with the last year of university; it takes place at a notary's office to which the candidate can apply directly, or you can ask your local notarial council to indicate a notary with whom to carry out the apprenticeship. 

Once you have found the office, you will need to join the register of apprentices held by the local notarial council, where every two months the apprentice must submit a certificate from the notary attesting actual performance. The apprenticeship begins after entry in the register of apprentices

For officials of the judiciary and lawyers who have been practising for at least one year there is a reduced apprenticeship lasting for a continuous period of 8 months

The apprenticeship in any case must be completed within 30 months after registration. If the deadline is exceeded, the period of apprenticeship prior to graduation is not counted.