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The Italian Notariat Joins the EUFides Project

One year on from its creation EUFides, the platform for international cooperation of notaries in real estate, continues to grow. At the meeting held on 23 January to sign the statutes of the association, which is based in Brussels and governed by Belgian law, Italy too formalised its membership, thus joining the four founding notariats (Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Spain).

Frank Molitor, President of the Luxembourg Notariat and Honorary President of the Council of Notariats of the European Union (CNUE), was also appointed Chairman of the EUFides project.

Its priorities include: creating information sheets on the platform regarding the national laws in force in the field of real estate in the EUFides member countries, which will be ready in March, in order to facilitate cooperation among notaries.

The notariats participating in the project will also intensify their efforts to disseminate the EUFides tool among colleagues. The first practical demonstrations are scheduled for 28 February in Trier (Germany) and at the Congress of the French Notariat in Marseille next June.

The platform currently has 200 users.