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    Europe's notaries pleased with the adoption of rules on cross-border successions

    Brussels, 7 June 2012 - Europe's notaries are pleased with the EU Council's adoption on 7 June 2012 of regulations covering jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and execution of decisions and certified public deeds in matters of succession, as well as the creation of a European succession certificate.

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    Syracuse: Notaries Join the "Syracuse is Justice" Foundation

    On 28 May 2012, at the International Criminal Science Institute (ISISC) facility in Syracuse, a press conference was held to present the "Syracuse is Justice" Foundation, promoted by ISISC and the Chamber of Commerce of Syracuse with a view to improving the efficiency of the legal system and relations between the judicial system and the citizenry.

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    Como: the Notariat Becomes a Partner in the Amministratore di Sostegno (ADS) Project

    The Notarial Council of the United Districts of Como and Lecco has since February 2012 been a partner in the Amministratore di Sostegno (ADS or Special Needs Administrator) Project in Como (, which aims to support the deployment and consolidation of the institution of the Special Needs Administrator in the Province of Como.

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    Bergamo: Free Notarial Advice for Inmates Now Possible

    Bergamo, 28 May 2012 – The free consulting service on notarial matters that has been available to Bergamo's citizens since 2007 has now been extended to the inmates of the Casa Circondariale in Via Gleno.

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    Professional Day, the Notariat's Contribution

    On 1 March the "PROFESSIONAL DAY" was held: this was organised by CUP (Comitato unitario permanente degli Ordini e Collegi professionali, or Permanent Combined Committee of the Professional Orders), PAT (Professioni area tecnica or Technical Professions), ADEPP (Associazione delle Casse di previdenza dei professionisti, or Social Security Funds for the Professions) and other groups within the Orders, with video links to 140 locations throughout the country.

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    Milan: Second Edition of the "Dall'Idea all'Impresa" Initiative

    Milan/Sesto San Giovanni, 19 April 2012 - Zest (production and marketing of the freeairbaby system that cleans the air toddlers breathe in their strollers), Kook Sharing (a shared restaurant, without cooks, open 24 hours a day), Vis Virdis (production and sale of renewable energy) and Sorridere Insieme (a home-delivery service for food and consumer items on special): these are the four companies created thanks to the first edition of “Dall’Idea all’Impresa” (From Concept to Market), an initiative that again this year is supporting, with free services and floorspace, the setting up of five new innovative businesses by young entrepreneurs.