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Agreement in Venice Between Notaries and the City on Living Wills

On 5 March the Chairman of the Notarial Council of Venice, Carlo Bordieri, and the Deputy Director General of the Municipality, Louis Basset, signed a convention whereby Venice follows Marcon, Spinea, Noventa di Piave and Camponogara in establishing a "Register of Advance Declarations of Treatment".

Thanks to this agreement, citizens resident and domiciled in the City of Venice will be able, through a private agreement executed in the Municipality in cooperation with notaries, to express their wishes about medical treatment they wish to accept or reject in the event that they become mentally incapacitated.

The agreement provides that it should be the Venetian notaries who record and conserve in their offices a copy of advance directives on medical treatment (DAT), for the case where persons registered at the City of Venice's General Registry Office should in future lose the ability to understand and express their wishes.

A notary will be present, by appointment, free of charge, on the second Tuesday of the month at the URP offices in Ca' Farsetti, Venice, and on the second Thursday at the URP in via Cardinal Massaia, Mestre, for the registration of DATs and to provide citizens with all necessary information. The only cost for citizens will be stamp duty of €16.

An adult citizen who wishes to sign a living will must make an appointment and bring a photo ID and his or her social security number (or health insurance card) and complete the form chosen which will then be authenticated by a notary. The notary will limit himself to advising as to the procedures he deems most appropriate based on current legislation. A DAT may subsequently be cancelled or modified in the same manner.