How to set up a company? What type best suits your needs and goals? It is advisable to contact a notary early in the piece to plan for the smooth setting up and operation of a company. Read this section to learn more.

Real Estate

Buying a home is certainly one of the most important economic operations in a person's life and the notary by law protects both buyer and seller. Visit this section to find out what steps need to be taken before signing the contract so as to purchase the property in total safety.


Family and kinship; gifts and inheritance; how to protect oneself in the event of cohabitation or change the property regime of one's marriage. Learn everything you need to know here and find how a notary can help you.

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L'Arancia, a Notariat for future entrepreneurs - Tenders and competitions for start-ups and more

“Android Factory 4.0”. This program aims to stimulate the creation of new start-ups that, through the potential of the open-source Android operating system, can contribute to the spread of an innovative “Made in Italy” brand and become competitive players in the global 4.0 industry. This initiative has been created in collaboration with Google by LVenture Group which runs the Luiss Enlabs start-up accelerator. By 9 January. Read more.

Applications for the Wind Startup Award, organised by Wind Business Factor to help entrepreneurs and innovators to develop a business idea and to grow an innovative start-up, have been open for only a few days. There are lots of new aspects to this edition and many opportunities for those who participate and compete for the grand prize: two months of Execution Program in Luiss Enlabs, Europe's largest enterprise accelerator. Until 9 January.  Info here.

Are you an Italian start-up that focuses on the Chinese market? Here is the acceleration program  Marco Polo Accelerator, which aims to allow 5-10 innovative start-ups to break through with their businesses in a complex market like China, thanks to a total investment of up to 2 million euros. Until 20 December. Info here.

EUR 45 million for the improvement of safety in micro- and small agricultural enterprises. This is the Isi-Agricoltura 2016 competition that provides funding for the purchase or rental of machinery and tractors using innovative solutions to reduce polluting emissions and noise and to improve the overall performance and sustainability of companies. Until 20 January. Info here.

Are you looking for funding for your start-up? Have you ever thought of contacting the European Union? The Commission funds up to 10 million Euros;find out how.



The most generous online resource in Italy

The National Council of Notaries has launched the L'ARANCIA project - a free online resource - to meet the needs of those who would like to start a business in Italy, providing its know-how to all, giving answers and recounting the experience of those who have set up a business.

The website allows you to pose questions about business and new companies directly to a group of notaries from the Council, as well as providing the tools to find research papers by notaries throughout Italy.

In addition, the site provides a daily selection of stories and news items relating to the world of start-ups and the economy, as well as documentary and information videos. Visit the site now: