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The Notariat Among the First 100 Digital Champions

The Italian Notariat has given its support for the creation of the Digital Champions Association (, under the leadership of Riccardo Luna; the Association was set up today at the Temple of Hadrian in Rome. “Digital Champion” is a concept established by the European Union in 2012 with the aim of identifying within each member country a figure of reference for computerisation and technological development.

Italy has had four Digital Champions in two years, and has decided, in line with the recommendation of the European Union to spread the concept throughout the country, to appoint a Digital Champion for each Italian municipality, thus assigning three fundamental tasks: 1) to provide advice to public officials on the issues involved in going digital; 2) to support the public where broadband, wi-fi and other rights are denied; 3) to promote digital literacy projects, through crowdfunding if necessary. The Notariat is among the first 100 Italian Digital Champions who were appointed this morning in Rome.

For the Notariat, this is an important recognition of its efforts to digitise the country: it has always been involved in the computerisation of procedures that concern public deeds and the computerisation of such systems in the corporate sector has led to a leap forward that means the conditions for the setting up of a company in Italy, according to the Doing Business 2015 world rankings, are on a par with the US and better than Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan, Austria or Germany.

Since 2013, moreover, the Notariat's Rete Aste Notarili [RAN, or Notarial Auctions Network] has managed disposals of the property of public bodies in a totally computerised manner: RAN enables members of the public to purchase a property from a distance, simply by going to the offices of any of the participating notaries throughout the country, without having to visit the place where the auction is being held.

Finally, the Notariat is working with all those involved on the manifesto on inheritance and digital identity, two fields in which it is putting all its experience at the service of the public in order to ensure that, in the digital world too, the right balance exists between simplicity and the factual certainty of the data.

The first 100 Italian Digital Champions, appointed this morning in Rome, are also the founders of the Association of the same name.