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Two new projects hosted by the Crowdfunding Social Network

L’arancia [orange] is a project of the National Council of Notaries. It is an up-to-the-minute online magazine, a press review, a community for those who want to set out on their own. Not only start-ups and not only success stories, but the whole story (with recommendations and warnings) by and for those who want to start their own business.

L’Arancia's Social Crowdfunding was created to help promote and fund social projects designed and managed by non-profit organisations and in need of an innovative financing tool. It is now home to two new projects:

Home Pre-Schools Abruzzo

The project consists of a network of child homecare crèches for up to 5 children from 3 months to 3 years of age in a private home. The goal is to allow parents to entrust their children to trained professionals, in a protected and safe environment, providing maximum flexibility in terms of hours. The operators, not only women but also men who are unemployed or who have chosen to give up work to care for their children, welcome children into their own home, taking care of them and thus producing income.

The Coloured House, letting patients be children

A house full of colour where families can get together and feel safe. A house where children can play, play and play. The Coloured House was created in a building of 1,600 square meters granted as a free loan by the City of Rome to AGOP. The goal is to double the number of apartments that the Association now offers free of charge to families of children being treated for cancer at the Gemelli Polyclinic and will be a place to find nursing, rehabilitation and psycho-oncology, but also a playroom, a library, a bio-energetic garden and a garden full of games.

The Network started on 23 April with two projects (“E tu... di che pasta sei?” and "Dona una rosa. Adotta un filare”) ["And you ... what are you made of?" And "Give a rose. Adopt a row"] of Libera–Associazioni, names and numbers against the mafia, the Association chaired by Don Luigi Ciotti with the purpose of rousing civil society in the fight against organised crime and promoting law and justice. These projects have been successfully concluded.

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