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Velletri: Backlog of the Tribunal Reduced Thanks to Collaboration with Notaries

Collaboration with the Association whose aim is to assist the Tribunal in the administration of court-ordered property procedure. is a non-profit Association of all the notaries of the Velletri area who deal with forced real estate procedures; it was set up in 2005 and is chaired by Notary Renato Greco.

The Association's aim is to assist the Tribunal of Velletri in the administration of court-ordered property procedures: it guarantees that the Tribunal will find uniformity of conduct amongst the members in applying the procedural rules, because in regular meetings members discuss any doubtful cases.

Furthermore, communication between the Association and the Tribunal is particularly effective and efficient: the enforcement judge communicates directly with the President of the Association who, in his turn, reports to the members and vice versa.

These aspects have helped strengthen the collaboration between notaries and the Tribunal of Velletri which has been going on since 1998 when powers of attorney were introduced into the laws governing enforced real estate operations so as to eliminate the enormous backlog of cases and to bring the public closer to the question of enforcement procedures.

Thanks to collaboration with the notaries, even before 2005 when the possibility of a power of attorney was extended to lawyers and tax accountants, the Tribunal had managed to reduce its backlog.

At present, the real property enforcement office of the Tribunal of Velletri, though it has only one judge and a mere five clerks, handles 800/900 procedures p.a., thanks to a skilful use of powers of attorney.