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  • national

    CNUE: the New Portal Is On-Line

    The new portal of the Council of European Union Notariats (CNUE), called “Notaries of Europe”, is now available on-line. It gathers together on a single site all the Notariat's initiatives Europe-wide.

    • national

      The Italian Notariat Joins the EUFides Project

      One year on from its creation EUFides, the platform for international cooperation of notaries in real estate, continues to grow. At the meeting held on 23 January to sign the statutes of the association, which is based in Brussels and governed by Belgian law, Italy too formalised its membership, thus joining the four founding notariats (Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Spain).

      • local

        Naples: Opening of the "Information and pre-investigation desk for settlement procedures regarding over-indebtedness"

        On 23 December 2013 an agreement was signed in Florence between the Notarial Council of the United Districts of Florence, Pistoia and Prato, the Bar Association, the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts and the Chamber of Commerce of Since Monday 31 March the "Information and pre-investigation desk for settlement procedures regarding over-indebtedness" has been operating at the Chamber of Commerce of Naples in the Commodity Exchange in Corso Meridionale 58, 2nd floor

        • local

          Agreement in Venice Between Notaries and the City on Living Wills

          On 5 March the Chairman of the Notarial Council of Venice, Carlo Bordieri, and the Deputy Director General of the Municipality, Louis Basset, signed a convention whereby Venice follows Marcon, Spinea, Noventa di Piave and Camponogara in establishing a "Register of Advance Declarations of Treatment".

          • national

            Mr André Michielsens, new president of the 40000 notaries of Europe

            Mr André Michielsens, a Belgian notary, is the President of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union for 2014. He follows Mr Frank Molitor from the Luxembourg notariat. He will be assisted during his term in office by a Board composed of the following presidents of the notariats:

            • local

              Italy-USA: on digital identity theft, the FBI calls upon Italian notaries

              We publish below an article which appeared on 2 January 2013 in the Corriere della Sera on the subject of the Italian Notariat's cooperation with the task force set up by the Obama administration to deal with problem relating to the management of digital identities in order to prevent electronic fraud, including in the real estate area.

              • national

                Latest Sponsorships Granted by the National Council new

                The National Council of Notaries grants sponsorship to initiatives of particular professional, cultural, scientific, social, educational, environmental and economic value which are promoted by third parties, both public and private, and have to do with and are consistent with the CNN's areas of operation and goals and the enhancement of the role of the Notariat.

                • national

                  Notaries lend their support to AISM and research on multiple sclerosis

                  In order to encourage a culture of testamentary legacies, the National AISM Legacy Week was held throughout Italy from 21 to 27 January 2013. This was promoted by the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association and its Foundation with the sponsorship and collaboration of the National Council of Notaries.