Professional Day, the Notariat’s Contribution



On 1 March the “PROFESSIONAL DAY” was held: this was organised by CUP (Comitato unitario permanente degli Ordini e Collegi professionali, or Permanent Combined Committee of the Professional Orders), PAT (Professioni area tecnica or Technical Professions), ADEPP (Associazione delle Casse di previdenza dei professionisti, or Social Security Funds for the Professions) and other groups within the Orders, with video links to 140 locations throughout the country.

This event represented the common voice of the professions at an historic moment in which legislative moves are being made to reform the national system of professional orders and the role that 2,100,000 members of Italy’s professional orders play in support of citizens and the public service.

The requests and proposals that were discussed during the sessions aimed to create a direct and constructive dialogue with the political world in order to reach a shared view of a reform of the system of orders that accounts for 15% of the country’s GNP and provides jobs for four million.

The Italian Notarial Foundation presented four proposals on both family law (Prenuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements)  and on inheritance (Reform of the Rights of Forced Heirs and Reform of Inheritance Agreements), which were drafted in Turin at the Congress for the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy: this is a demonstration of the course followed by the profession in all these years during which notaries have refined their training, their professionalism and that acute sensitivity to the requirements for change that civil society expresses ever more strongly.

During the convention an interview was broadcast with the Minister of Justice, Paola Severino, who emphasised “the social value of the professions, which are called upon to protect the interests of both individuals and the public in general”.  

“A professional,” added the Minister, “must be well trained, offer a consistently high standard of advice, and become an engine for driving the economy. We will set up opportunities for debate and consultation with professionals in order to form the backbone of the new rules that must look to the future and to Europe”.

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